Westfield Bat & Ball Table Tennis Masterclass


Bat & Ball Westfield

A Table Tennis Masterclass

Chop, smash and destroy!

To top spin or to deep chop? All the tricks to improve your table tennis. You will be learning the basics. How to serve, how to place and direct the ball, and how to chop and smash. In fact destroy your opponent (in a moderately friendly way). The lesson will end with a mini tournament against other class students.

Do I need to know anything?

Nothing! This class is for all levels of players. Even if you are really good, the coaches Nicholas or Alberto can up your game.


Nicholas boasts a career that spans …. the world. He is one of the top London leading young coach. Spot him whirring away at Bounce and or at his NLTTA sessions in and out of London. So whether you’re a beginner who doesn’t know your bat from the paddle, or you yearn to stun them by the swimming pool with your killer smash, Olav is the man for you. He promises to make you feel, comfortable, challenged and empowered all at the same time. Let’s see if he can keep his word …..

Here a few other interesting facts about him:
‘Young Coach Of The Year’ (English Table Tennis Association)
English School Champion, Team
Former National Level Junior Player in UK


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