Corporate Event Table Tennis London

Table Tennis for Corporate Events

Stay active at your workplace


  • Team Building
  • A Fast & Challenging Activity
  • Brand New Idea
  • Spare Space at Your Office
  • Great Fun
  • Better Fitness for Your Workers

Well if these tick your boxes then YES Table Tennis Corporate is definitely a right choice for you. We believe that Table Tennis can sharpen strategic thinking and skills for your workers due to the quick reaction speed and the tactics they need to come out with for beating their opponent. And from our experiences, workers are more engaged after just 10-15 minutes of table tennis.

More importantly It is a great game with top laugh, the players will feel refreshed, and motivated to continue with their work afterwards. And the game is suitable for all ages, abilities, nationalities and beyond.

Why choosing eBatt NLTTA ?

Whether your business is big or small, we will do our obsolete best to fulfil your company needs  and  create a lasting memories with your client and member of staff during and after our service.

Services that we provide:

  • Private Events
  • Employee Enrichment Coaching
  • Inter-Company Tournament
  • Team Building Workshop
  • Robot Challenges
  • Paralympic Player Seminar
  • Bespoke Events

Contact us now for us to plan for your next event.

Here are some fun Table Tennis games provided by LOOP , please feel free to try these games out and let us know your thoughts :

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