What We Offer

I offer group and individual coaching sessions, team-building for Corporations CPD sessions, training camps exhibitions and bespoke events.

Group Coaching

In a group setting you can fail, and are encouraged to fail as you receive corrections from a coach. Players in these types of settings get the added benefit of learning from other players and their failures. By learning from other players mistakes you avoid making the same errors, and with the extra failure, the learning curve increases for each individual.

Training with a group also teaches teamwork and accountability. As sport players, we need to be the best we can be, but we need to bring the rest of the team with us. Working within a group setting encourages young players to inspire others, and teaches them about leadership. Leadership values are hard to teach in a one-on-one setting because there are no other athletes there to fail with you.

The importance of competing is also emphasised in a group session because the athletes are constantly pushing each other both physically and mentally. Learning to compete is a crucial part of athletics. A player needs to have the knowledge of competing in order to compete with an opponent. These players first learn how to have healthy competition with their teammates, and then they learn to compete with themselves. GET IN TOUCH NOW !

Individual coaching

Having individual session is one of the best way to learn and to improve your game quickly as it is more focused, specifically designed, and you get all of my attention! Book Now


What you get :

  • Intense Muti Ball training
  • Improve on techniques
  • Improve on quality of the shots
  • Bespoke requirements
  • And many more ….

Coaching for schools

I am currently teaching in more than 20 private & state schools in West London and Hertfordshire area. I provide premium table tennis coaching services on a curriculum and non curriculum basis, depending on your school’s needs. Contact Now


Services provided :

Curriculum :

  • PE lessons
  • Umpiring courses
  • GCSE
  • Bespoke lessons

Non – Curriculum :

  • Breakfast club
  • Lunch time club
  • After school club
  • inter – school tournaments
  • Sport day
  • CPD sessions with staff

I have selected few useful bits which can give you some basic ideas of how to deliver a Table Tennis lesson in your school.

  • Royal Navy Coaching pack
  • Grip
  • Ready position
  • Forehand Drive
  • Backhand Drive​
  • Backhand push
  • Backhand service
  • Feeds
  • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact now