Table Tennis for Kids


Table tennis is a great sport that can be played with all the family at get together or played competitively throughout the country. It has many benefits for children. It helps with hand eye coordination and many life skills like determination. If they decide to join a club they will get to meet new people from different schools. It is a great social sport and your children great time making friends and most importantly HAVINIG FUN!!!


Wellbeing Benefits Of Table Tennis For Kids

Table tennis will help with your child’s mental health. This includes:

  • Hand to eye coordination
  • Quick decision making
  • Concentration

It can also helps relieve stress because it takes your mind away from your problems and helps to concentrate on something else.

Physical Benefits Of Table Tennis For Kids

Table tennis has many elements, your child will improve their:

  • Flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Catching skills
  • Balance
  • Throwing skills
  • Dexterity
  • Balance
  • Reflexes

This can also help with weight loss, as during table tennis you burn a lot of calories.

Table Tennis Equipment For Kids

You don’t have to spend much on table tennis equipment. Basic equipment can be bought at a low price and tables can be hired at local sport centres, or you can even just use your dining room table. As your child gets more into table tennis they will gain different play styles that can be boosted with different rubbers and blades to suit their game play style. These will help with control, add spin and increase or decreases the bats weight which will all influence the game. You can also get team shirts to make your child feel like part of a group.


The Importance Of Table Tennis Equipment For Kids

Coaching is a great way for your kid to get involved with the table tennis community. It will help them meet new people their age that also play table tennis and will help them grow as a player. With table tennis coaching your child will be able to gain experiences and even play in tournaments. With the help of a professional coach your child will be able to gain valuable knowledge about the game and be able to compete closely with peers. Coaching will help with your child’s listening skills and with enough coaching they will start becoming naturals at the game.

Your child will be able to learn different play styles and during drills will be able to learn team building skills and communication. Different coaching styles will aid you child’s improvement in different ways – feeding will help them learn muscle memory whereas drills will help your child link up multiple different  shots.


Life Skills Gained

Your child will gain many life skills like communication, team work, resilience and determination!