Table Tennis Small Group Masterclass

small group coaching

Small Group Masterclass

Table Tennis Coaching for small groups (maximum 6 people)

If you have a group of friends or colleges who want to improve your table tennis game together via having a training lesson together, ‘small group masterclass’ is definitely the perfect choice for you !

But why joining a small group lesson ?

Here are some facts why group coaching benefits your learning

  • Drive individual responsibility for learning and personal development
  • You can get a chance to work with verity of players in one single session
  • Inspires creative thinking
  • Cheaper price for greater value as players will be sharing the cost of the session
  • Training in a friendly competition environment
  • Training in a group is FUN !
  • And more…



  • Harrow Leisure Centre (Address: Christchurch Ave, Harrow HA3 5BD)
  • Bannister Sport Centre (Address: Uxbridge Rd, Harrow HA3 6SW)
  • Maccabi GB @ Kulanu (Address: Shaftesbury Ave, Kenton HA3 0RD)
  • Or Bespoke locations

How to book: 

If you would like to book a coaching lesson, or regular lessons (Offers available). Please email me at [email protected] with your requirements. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Other services: 

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Small Group Masterclass

£60 / 1 hour

Maximum 6 people

Small Group Masterclass

£100 / 2 hour

Maximum 6 people